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There is no user restriction.

As it is cloud based, it can be used all over the world.

The optimization process is short, it takes a couple of minutes, its duration is related to the number of addresses to be dispatched.

There is an editor, where you can make adjust the solution.

Drivin has APIs through which you can integrate to any system.

No queremos retener a clientes insatisfechos, por lo que el contrato puede terminarse cuando el cliente desee.

No licences nor softwares are to be purchased, we charge a monthly fee based on the number of vehicles.

We have a robust authentication system by which no one other than the user knows the password. The page is protected with SSL certificate that only allows secure connections. Regarding the data, they are all hosted on amazon AWS servers, this being the safest available technology.

The amount to pay depends on what the client needs.

We use google maps

It is app 500 MB monthly, based on 26 days, with a use of 12 hours a day.

Android that has the operating system 4.4 or higher, RAM greater than 1GB

Yes, we can get the tracking information either from the mobile phone or from the GPS device that you might have.