Route Planning

Route planning

Drivin optimization engine considers real life constrains in order to generate the routing plans for each of the vehicles. The scenario creator dashboard allows the user to easily setup a new plan with all the operational and comercial settings customers require.

1.- Create plans

Creating a new plan is very easy. Orders are manually uploaded to the system through an excel or text file or automatically from your saled platform through our integration API module

2.- Plan your routes

Drivin provides an optimal planning route by providing a list of all the deliveries assigned to each vehicle and its sequence of delivery, considering all commercial and operational restraints

Customer restrictions

Each of your customers commercial expectations and operational constrains, can be easily incorporated into the systems adress book

  • Delivery or service time windows
    This is the timeframe when the customers expects to be visited
  • Required service time
    You can define the average time it takes to serve a specific customer(ie. supermarkets vs mom & pop shops)
  • Required skills
    Some locations require specific types of vehicles. (ie. a large truck cannot enter)
  • Specific vehicle assignation
    ASometimes you need a specific truck or driver to visit certain customers
Fleet restrictions

Operational restraints can be incorporated

  • Available days and working
    hours for each vehicle
  • Multiple vehicle capacity units
    Some operations require more than one capacity for each vehicle (ie. capacity of 10 pallets and 3 tons)
  • Vehicle skills
    You can add the vehicle skills in order to match the customers restrictions (ie. small vehicle or cold storage vehicle)

3.- Route Editor

The system has an editor that allows you to modify the results and then reoptimize if required

  • Change, add or eliminate vehicles
  • Drag & Drop orders from one vehicle to another
  • Change the sequence of the route
  • Re-optimize

Approve the plan

The plans can be downloaded to excel or pdf files and are accessible via API if integrations are required. Drivers receive their plans through our App Drivin Smart Deliveries