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Seguridad de la información


  • The system is a Software as a Service operating from the cloud that in our case is on the platform of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The AWS infrastructure and the Drivin software architecture allow each of the services to be replicated across multiple servers ensuring stable performance regardless of how many concurrent clients you have.
  • In terms of data backup, these being hosted on AWS are being backed up daily on different servers to ensure their persistence.
  • As for information security, we have a robust authentication system through which no person other than the user himself knows the password, that the page is protected with SSL certificate that only allows secure connections, among other standard security protocols.


Drivin has a monitoring tool able to keep visible the critical parameters of the services that are part of the service operating platform. This will allow us to proactively receive timely notifications that allow us to take the necessary actions to prevent, as far as possible, any degradation, interruption or denial of the service