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Regardless of the type of services offer, the most important thing will always be to meet the expectations of your customers and offer them the best service possible. That is why the biggest challenges for these companies are:

  • Be able to offer customers customized time windows and comply them
  • Irregularities in the time it takes to visit a customer
  • Make sure all addresses are visited
  • Maximize the number of clients visited on a day
  • Lack of vehicle visibility
Benefits of Using Drivin
  • Improves customer service levels
  • Route planning includes time spent driving and all restrictions (time windows, service times etc)
  • Maximizes vehicle usage (visit more customers with the same vehicles)
  • Reduces the number of miles traveled
  • Provides downloadable reports with the status of each visit (photographs, signatures, comments)
  • Get real-time visibility of the entire fleet
  • Get alerts every time a vehicle goes out of planning

Punctuality here is key to retaining customers. Fulfilling these expectations and doing it in the most efficient way is the biggest challenge

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