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Since they are mostly perishable products and in some cases very delicate, the logistics operation here becomes quite complex. Some of the challenges that are presented are:

  • Multiple deliveries every day
  • Most addresses have time windows and are especially concentrated in a few hours
  • Different types of vehicles: dry, frozen and mixed
  • Vehicular congestion
  • Last minute exceptions
Benefits of Using Drivin:
  • Allows you to edit the solution and incorporate last minute exceptions
  • Internalizes the time spent driving, time windows and types of vehicles required when planning
  • Visit more customers with the same amount of vehicles
  • Reduce the deterioration of your products
  • Reduces the number of miles traveled
  • Obtain real-time visibility of your entire fleet and have access to check online the status of each delivery (photographs, signatures, comments)

Punctuality here is key to retaining customers. It is important to have an exhaustive control over the compliances of the time windows, so you don´t compromise the quality of the customer service you are providing

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