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Sales Force

Regardless of the type of product they sell, companies that have sales force teams have the same challenges:

  • Each sales person has a portfolio of hundreds of customers
  • They need to make sure that all customers are visited with a certainfrequency
  • Maximize the number of clients visited on a day
  • They require a follow-up measure that can be contrasted with a work plan
  • Lack of visibility on the routes
Benefits of Using Drivin
  • Provides an optimal route for each salesperson, conisdering all the clients of their portafolio
  • Ensures that representatives visits 100% of your clients, as often as you consider necesary
  • Provides real time visibility of what each representative is doing as well as the complete team
  • Keep records of each visit, being able to download files with photographs, comments, signatures
  • Receive reports of the progress of your daily operation

Providing a sales force team with technology, that can make their work more efficient is key for success

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