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Retail & Ecommerce

All seek to make their logistics operation more efficient and lower their costs, but the biggest challenge is to do so without decreasing the customers satisfaction levels. Some recurring themes are:

  • Master of changing clients, with difficulties to geo-reference addresses
  • Need to be able to offer customers more time windows and comply with them
  • Lack of visibility for customers
  • Scarce information about delivery
  • Reduce transportation costs
Benefits of Using DRIVIN
  • Facilitates geo-referencing of addresses
  • Deliver visibility to your customers at all time
  • Ensures the visit to 100% of your clients
  • Reduce miles traveled
  • Obtain visibility of your entire fleet and check the status of each delivery (photographs, signatures, comments)
  • Receive reports on the progress of your operation

Customers expect to receive their products under the conditions that were requested and have visibility throughout the course of the operation.

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