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All transport companies, regardless of the size of their fleet, present the same challenges:

  • Need to consolidate load from different customers
  • They need to maximize the use of their vehicles
  • They need to incorporate multiple capacities (tonnes, pallets and m3) when planning
  • Must comply with time windows
  • Have a more comprehensive control of drivers and deliveries
Benefits of Using Drivin
  • Route planning includes time spent driving and all restrictions (time windows, service times etc)
  • Maximize the use of your vehicles
  • Reduce miles traveled
  • Obtain full visibility of your fleet
  • You can download online information about your deliveries (photographs, signatures, comments) and then send them to your customers
  • Receive reports of the progress of your daily operation

It is no longer just a matter of moving merchandise, the focus is on meeting the growing demands of consumers. The challenge is to be able to balance the needs of your customers, with your resources and do it in the most efficient way possible

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